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Why Rio Ferdinard Dropped out of England Squad

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It came as a mild surprise to many when Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinard made a firm decision to leave the England national team after being called up by England manager Roy Hodgson.

Hodgson had shunned the defender last year due to 'footballing reasons', but many claim that it was in light of the racism row with fellow England international, and Chelsea captain, John Terry. Terry later quit the national team after he was charged by the Football Association (FA)

However, even without John Terry or Rio Ferdinard, the England national team seemed comfortable enough as they romp to a smashing 8 - 0 win against San Marino in a World Cup qualifier match.

It was evident that during the match, fans did not agree with Ferdinard as insulting chants could be heard. Rio Ferdinard was later interviewed on what he thought and 'sticks the knife in' even as England celebrated a thrilling victory.

Well, it cannot be blamed that manager Hodgson is evidently frustrated and refused to be drawn on the future of Rio Ferdinard as he got wind of news that Ferdinard had flown a 15 hour trip to Doha to act as a pundit for a football match.

The long journey to Qatar, and the one night job, was clearly a planned trip which was probably decided a while ago.

"I've absoultely no comment to make on it" was Hodgson's reply in an article on ESPN but it was clear the manager was disapproving of Ferdinard's actions as he took great pains to heap praise on those who made themselves available for the national team, and yes, their country.

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