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Top 3 Websites for hosting and uploading your videos

Top 3 Video-sharing and video-viewing websites 
You're guaranteed to find a site that you will like.

1. YouTube

Since the advent of the Internet, YouTube is a pioneer in video editing and every minute, a couple of hours worth of videos are uploaded. Currently owned by Internet giant Google, YouTube allows users to monetize their sites using Google Adsense.

The search engine function on YouTube is also much better and more accurate than other video-sharing sites.

You just have to log into your account, watch a couple of videos and YouTube will be able to recommend some videos related to your interests and entertainment.

Needless to say, it's addictive!

However, the downside for users on YouTube is that given the wildly popular usage of the site, spam comments may be excessive and could affect the viewership of uploaded videos.

Recent Updates regarding YouTube

YouTube recently hit the news (the site is always in the papers given its quintessential nature) when YouTube celebrities interviewed the President of the United States Barack Obama, in a bid to expose the younger audience to the President's policy proposals. (Read more: YouTube stars grilled President Obama, and it got totally weird)

Meanwhile, YouTube has to be wary of the emergence of credible competitors such as Vessel which is a subscription-based service created by formidable people, former Hulu CEO and Chief Technical officer. (Read more: YouTube competitor Vessel is now available for $2.99 a month)

2. Dailymotion

Long termed a fierce rival to YouTube, Dailymotion never quite caught up to its rival from Google. Nonetheless, video-sharing on this site is reliable and does not have as strict a criteria of copyright issues compared to YouTube.

This allows you to upload photos using your favorite song tracks which YouTube is likely to ban owing to certain copyright issues.

Dailymotion videos are also easily embedded in other videos and shareable through social media platforms.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo prides itself on the artsy factor that has attracted niche producers and studios to publish their work on the site.

Often working and shown in High Definition, there are a ton of videos on Vimeo ranging from short clips, trailers to segments of fashion shows. Founded in 2004, Wikipedia describes the site as follows:
Vimeo is a video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein.

4. Metacafe

Also another worthy site to consider uploading your videos to. Founded in 2003, Wikipedia describes Metacafe as follows: 
Metacafe is a video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. The company was headquartered in San Francisco, California, with an office in Los Angeles.
Other sites to consider  - Hulu, Veoh

Understanding the Premier League by Samson Carl Miller

Published with permission from Samson Carl Miller. Read the full article complete with two bonus chapters on his blog

New E-Book Released: Understanding the Premier League
What you need to know about the world's most closely watched football league.

Understanding the Premier League
As promised in my previous blog post where I wrote about City's victory over West Ham to win the Premier League title, I have released my new book titled Understanding the Premier League.

This book was written for those who do not have prior knowledge of what the Premier League is and for those who have trouble holding conversations about happenings in the Premier League.

This book was written to provide an understanding as well as an elaborate account of the Premier League's top three football clubs, namely Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea for those already acquainted with the technical jargon of football.

As a staunch football fan, I would like what you guys think of my latest book as well as that of my previously published books on Amazon.

I look forward to your support once again!
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Description of the book:
This book helps to educate the reader about the latest happenings in the Barclays' Premier League, England's top football league and the world's most closely watched football tournament. 
Readers, unfamiliar with the Premier League and who often struggle to understand what their family or friends are saying when they talk about English football, will no longer have to find themselves stuttering with a crash course given to you by reading this e-book. 
Written in an easy-to-read format, it's almost as exciting as hearing the commentary during an interesting football match.
For readers already acquainted with the jargon of the football world, you will also not be disappointed by an elaborate account of what the author considers to be the top three teams in the league, namely Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea Football Clubs. 
This e-book was written with much passion by a staunch football fan who hopes to spread the love.

New Book Release: How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways

Published with permission from

New Book Release
How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways
Harness the power of the Internet with just five simple, easy-to-implement methods
Written by Samson Carl Miller

To all my readers out there,

I have good news for all of you once again. I have just released and published my latest e-book titled "How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways" on Amazon. (You can find the links to buying my book below.)This is my third book release this month, and what a fulfilling start to the year it has been!

This easy-to-read e-book was written by the aim of educating anyone who has connectivity to the Internet to be able to realise some of their dreams and perhaps aid them in their financial situation. Why not seize the opportunity to earn a few dollars each month by putting in consistent hard work? You don't have to be a genius or possess a high level of intelligence to be able to do so.

A short description of my newest book:

Have you ever always wanted to earn some income on the side? A couple of bucks earned definitely won't make things dramatically better for you, but it certainly won't hurt to have a few more dollar bills in your pocket. This e-book teaches you five easy ways where you can tap on the potential of the Internet, put your skills and talents to good use and laugh your way to the bank.

Here's a snippet of the book's content:

Chapter One: Create your Own Blog
Chapter Two: Sell Stuff Online
Chapter Three: Complete Paid Online Surveys
Chapter Four: Freelance Writing
Chapter Five: Graphic Design: Photography

You can buy my book using the following links below depending on which region of the world you are situated in:

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A Good Morning in 6 Easy Steps: How to Restructure your Habits in the Morning

Published with permission from Samson Carl Miller. Visit his blog for more updates. 

New Book Release 
A Good Morning in 6 Easy Steps: How to restructure your habits in the morning
An Ideal Formula to getting that day started!
Written by Samson Carl Miller

To all my readers out there,

Another piece of good news this month that I would like to share with you.

How to have a Good Morning in 6 Easy Steps
I have published another book, albeit a shorter one and sort of adheres to the genre of being a guide for just about anyone on this planet.

The release of my latest e-book spells good news to Amazon Kindle users out there who are enrolled in the Kindle Direct Promotion (KDP Select) programme. Kindle users and readers can borrow my book from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for FREE!

Here is a short description of my newly released book:

Ever had trouble waking up to a good day ahead? Did you know that a fair part of your day is attributed to your mindset when you get off your bed in the morning?

This e-book aims to teach you six simple steps that you can follow to restructure your life by giving you an easy-to-follow guideline on how to have a better morning.

The chapters are as follows: 
#1: Waking Up on the Right Side of Bed #2: Look into the mirror and say aloud repeatedly, “It’s going to be a good day today”. #3: Have a Good Wash-up #4: Why Breakfast Matters #5: Making Preparations Beforehand #6: The Final Checklist: A Summary
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Thank you to all who have supported me in my literary journey thus far! Do stay tuned to this blog for further updates as well as new upcoming novels, books and works!

Update: I have received a few sales within 24 hours of releasing my book on Amazon. That's simply amazing! 

[Family Outing Episode 36] Park Yejin: No More Female Guests Please

Family Outing Season 1 Episode 36. Guest: Yoona, SNSD
Riding on the tide of their group's success, Girls Generation, or SNSD as they are affectionately know, decided to venture into the world of variety, sending various members to the different varieties, notably the more popular ones such as Family Outing.

Yoona, leader of SNSD, became the first member to appear on Family Outing, one of the more popular television programmes of its time. Her appearance on the show not only gave the members, especially the male members, a pleasant surprise, but also gave the show an unspoken stamp of approval.

Of course, ratings were especially high for that episode in a country swept by the nascent wave of Hallyu stars.

There was a significant moment towards the end of the show when Yoona decided to do a dance cover of permanent Family Outing member Lee Hyori's song. Was it a case of the new queen taking over the old in the Korean music industry?